Canada’s A Drag – CBC Arts Series – Directed by Trevor Anderson

Lourdes the Merry Virgin is the latest subject of Canada’s a Drag, a weekly docu-series from CBC Arts that showcases drag artists from across the true North strong and fabulous. View Episode

Rare Mettle – enriquePoe Moving Pictures
Rare Mettle is about identity and audacity, but also about high level competition, the importance of sport and embracing new challenges. It is an inspiring look at four determined individuals who continue to strive for the podium, not simply for glory, but to better understand who they are and what they have to offer the world. CLICK HERE to watch all four mini documentaries and here for the full length documentary.

Peace River Rising – CBC Short Docs – Directed by Coty Savard
Helen Knott, a Dane-Zaa/Nehiyaw social worker, poet and activist, explores the connection between violence against Indigenous women and violence against the land.

Dino Trails – Brandy Y Productions
Dino Trails is a new five part series by filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk that reveals the latest dinosaur discoveries in Canada that are making headlines around the world and explains why these locations are famous. You can watch the full series here and on TELUS Optik Local’s VOD channel.

Star Trails – Brandy Y Productions
Star Trails explores dark sky preserves and star parties in Alberta and British Columbia. The series follows amateur astronomers and astrophotographers who are obsessed with the night sky. You can watch the full series here and on TELUS Optik Local’s VOD channel.

Coastal Revival – Brandy Y Productions
Coastal Revival is a five part documentary series that tells the story of how the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and First Nations are using the power of ecotourism to preserve the majestic animals of British Columbia’s coast. You can watch the full series here and on TELUS Optik Local’s VOD channel.

The Harder I Fight II – enriquePoe Moving Pictures
Alberta mothers and daughters immersed in the transformative pursuit of combat sport explore how fighting has reshaped them and how their sport has changed for women over the course of a generation. In 2016 Sarah was nominated for a Canadian Cinema Editors award for her work on The Harder I Fight II.

The Match – Open Sky Pictures
THE MATCH is a 15 minute documentary produced for Bravo with the support of their BravoFactual program. The Match follows two performers in a struggling independent wrestling promotion, the Prairie Wrestling Alliance.  It explores the impact that their vocation has on their personal lives, and the psychology behind why audiences are drawn to this pseudo-bloodsport. In 2015 Sarah was nominated for an Alberta Film and Television award for her work on The Match.

Brothers in the Buddha – Beth Wishart MacKenzie
Brothers in the Buddha’ (70 min) features, Michael, a seventeen year old Vietnamese-Canadian youth who has taken up a unique discipline: at the tender age of ten Michael was ordained as a novice monk at a Buddhist monastery in the heart of the Canadian city of Edmonton. The documentary examines the personal life and challenge taken up by Michael, both at the monastery and in his community.

Finding Edge Road – Brandy Y Productions
Finding Edge Road is a documentary about asylum seekers in eastern Finland. This film explores how the small city of Lieksa in Eastern Finland is dealing with a recent influx of new immigrants from Somalia and Iraq. The newcomers have moved to vacant council apartments on a street called “Edge Road.” View website.

Grey Glory – Brandy Y Productions
Grey Glory is a documentary about Canadian seniors who are pushing their bodies to the limit.
View website.

Grey Ambition  – Brandy Y Productions
Grey Ambition is an inspirational documentary about Canadian seniors over sixty-five who are taking their brain power to new levels long after retirement. It includes seniors who are involved in philanthropy, the arts, volunteerism, education, entrepreneurship and those still working in the business world and proves that life begins at any age. View website.

Oil Calling  – Brandy Y Productions
Oil Calling is a documentary about new immigrants and Canada’s oil and gas industry. View website.

Nature’s Invitation  – Brandy Y Productions
A documentary about Canada’s quest to get new immigrants in touch with nature. It also explores the consequences of a life devoid of nature. View website.

Brooks —The City of 100 Hellos  – Brandy Y Productions
The documentary “Brooks – The City of 100 Hellos” explores how immigrants, refugees and temporary foreign workers from the local meat packing plant are changing and challenging the western cowboy city of Brooks, Alberta in Canada. It also explores the city’s 100 year history as it celebrates its centennial anniversary. View website.