Professional Development as a freelance editor: Canadian Cinema Editors

The Canadian Cinema Editors are a non-profit organization with the goal of bettering the art and science of picture editing in all media. Through a better understanding of each other, and teaching others in our industry, we hope to advance the profile of professional film editors. Our aim is to spark passion in all editors and bring recognition to those who create the last draft of the script by weaving a mosaic of picture and sound in the cutting rooms across Canada.

I joined the CCE as an associate member in October 2014, and I hope to one day be honored with the letters C.C.E. at the end of my name. Regardless of the letters, I knew that this organization was one I wanted to a part of. I want to help grow my local community of editors.

While attending the FMC editor’s retreat, I met Gordon Burkell of who happens to be on the board of the CCEs. He told me that the CCE wanted to have more of a presence in Alberta and asked if I would be interested in helping set up an editors pub night. Through this conversation and a few emails with the other members of the board the first Edmonton CCE Pub Night was born!

Myself and 6 other editors from Edmonton and Calgary area met at a local pub on a Thursday night to talk editing and life. Organizing this event brought back some of the feelings of camaraderie that I felt while attending the editor’s retreat. I want to continue to grow our Alberta community and with the help of CCE I think we have a good thing going!

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