Caution: May Contain Nuts – Mosaic Entertainment
CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is a fast paced sketch comedy series with a unique brand of Canadian Aboriginal humour. These assorted Nuts are a veritable United Nations troupe of performers, and no topic is off limits to this over the edge team. The result – a side-splitting and highly entertaining comedy experience. View Website.






UpRooted – The Oyster Harvest – Echo Bay Media
UpRooted follows the adventures of North American mom, Cordon Bleu-trained cook and enthusiastic food-lover Sarah Sharratt as she navigates her way through a new life in rural France, experiencing as much of the culture, people and food as she can until she is “uprooted” again. View Website.

Tiny Plastic Men – Mosaic Entertainment
Tiny Plastic Men is a half-hour sitcom-sketch comedy show about a group of misfits who survive the boredom of their toy and game testing jobs at the Gottfried Brothers toy company by using a myriad of distractions, both fantasy and reality-based. View Website.

Delmer & Marta – Mosaic Entertainment
From the award winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts, everyone’s favorite couple is back, this time in their very own show! Relocating to the “Big City” of Morningside, Alberta (pop 40,000), Marta (Howie Miller) and Delmer (Sheldon Elter) adjust to their new lives in the heart of a thriving and close-knit prairie community. View Website.

Invincible Series 1,2 & 3 – Open Sky Pictures
INVINCIBLE is a biographical series that offers a frank examination of the challenges faced by disabled Canadians. It offers inspirational stories about the extraordinary individuals that have harnessed an invincible spirit. View Website.

underEXPOSED – Season 1 – Air Dog Media
underEXPOSED is an adrenaline packed youth documentary series featuring Mason Mashon and Tannis Baradziej. Tannis is a writer and Mason is a photojournalist. Together they are on the hunt for adventure and the next big story. View a clip.

Kitten TV – Open Sky Pictures
No actors. No dialogue. Just kittens…endless kittens.
KittenTV is ‘ambient television,’ leave it on in the background of your life. It’s like the firelog channel…except cuter. View Website.

Rapture – Red On Black Productions
The Rapture happens, as predicted earlier this year, but it’s not the fire and brimstone we’ve come to fear – it’s merely a routine earth upgrade which happens every century or so. View Website.